ePM applies advanced technology to our organization engineering work, unlike other organization development consultants. Our unique combination of “hard” and “soft” sciences delivers greater value and more detailed and practical recommendations than traditional team building or organization development techniques. It enables us to scientifically shape both the physics and chemistry of organization performance.

SimVision Organization Simulation Technology

SimVision: Compare Organization Design Efficiency graph

SimVision is ePM’s patented organization modeling and simulation technology. It is an integral part of our consulting practice and also is licensed to corporate and government clients. We use SimVision to optimize the fit between an organization and its work, similar to the way engineers use a wind tunnel to optimize an aircraft design:

  • Measure how well the organization will perform
  • Uncover and fix design flaws prior to implementation
  • Test ideas to improve reliability and performance
  • Maximize the client’s return on capital employed.

SimVision is the only commercial simulator of human work performance. It is the product of more than twenty-five years of Stanford University research and development. ePM has successfully applied it to numerous commercial and industrial organizations over the past ten years. More than twenty universities around the world use it in research and classroom instruction.

SimVision simulation models provide more specific and practical information than benchmarks and best practices. They measure precisely how well this organization can accomplish this work:

  • How efficient is our organization design (how much effort is needed to manage the people in addition to managing the work)?
  • Can we reliably achieve our schedule, cost and quality objectives?
  • Where are communication, quality and safety most likely to fail, and what can we do to prevent it?
  • What resource groups are most likely to fail to meet their goals and what can we do to help them succeed?
Download more information about SimVision

Download a Stanford University white paper

Download a Technical University, Delft research paper



ePM Survey: Decisions are...

ePMSurvey is our on-line survey and analysis technology. Employing a series of surveys over time, we statistically manage the team alignment and leadership development processes to assure that steady progress is being made and resources are allocated where they are most needed.
We use ePMSurvey to …

  • Gauge baseline team alignment, attitudes and understanding
  • Solicit confidential input from all organization levels
  • Uncover integration and performance problems
  • Shape team building and leadership development activities.

Our extensive body of survey findings and analyses enables ePM to compare team alignment and development progress to similar organizations in very specific ways.


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